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How can a room help you be in the moment? This may seem like an odd question to ask, but it’s something I’ve thought about a lot while designing This Old Victorian. The space you live in sets the tone for the way you live your life.

For instance, not that I’m against enjoying the latest season of Queer Eye or anything, but TVs set a BIG tone when it comes to being in the moment at home. And if you read this post on screen time from my Real Talk with Real Moms series, you already know how I feel about screens and tech taking over our lives. I know that seems verrrrrry hypocritical as I write this to you via the internet, requiring a screen to read, but I believe there are things we can do in our homes to help be more present over the course of daily life.

Take the two (gorge!) spaces above for example. The furniture is set up so the people in the room are facing each other and not a giant TV. I’m not saying don’t have a TV anywhere in your house. But what if we decorated and styled our homes with the idea of interacting with each other at the forefront?

And you know what else I’ve learned helps me be more in the moment? Having less. Perhaps this is why I’ve subconsciously always been drawn to more minimal spaces? I don’t want to be distracted by unnecessary clutter. Keep it simple, comfortable and stylish. This creates space for your thoughts and emotions to be present, rather than drowned out by visual noise and physical stuff. I’m loving the feel of the rooms above. They’d be the perfect place to hunker down with the fam or invite a friend over for brunch and a good chat. Or simply enjoy the view and sit with your own thoughts.

Listen, maybe I’m living in a fantasy world over here but as I (slowly) make moves with our homethis year, you can bet your bottom dollar this concept will be heavy on my mind.

What do you think about all of this? Can rooms really help us be more in the moment? Please, share your thoughts if you have them!

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