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Tracking new trends could be called an occupational hazard, but that doesn’t mean I can’t daydream about fresh design ideas, even though I don’t have anywhere to apply them (at least for now). But I’m always banking ideas for future projects and I’m currently distracted by the newest bathroom trend – I give you the square sink!

Bold with strong lines, I love how a beefy square sink (or rectangular if you really want to be geometrically accurate) makes a major statement. They work particularly well in a tiny powder room space. Kinda wishing I’d put one in mine.

While a white or concrete sink reads more industrial, modern or classic, you can amp up the glamour factor by going big with stone. I particularly love the sexy look of a dark powder room with a sink in an equally dark and dramatic stone choice. Throw in a side mounted faucet to double up on the most current of bathroom trends. I’m feeling the look for sure. While I’m certainly seeing this style’s popularity growing rapidly, it feels like a trend that’ll stand the test of time.

What say you? Are you into this Idea to Steal??

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